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Share your great Sandpoint photos with the world!

Photographers are invited to submit any photo taken in Bonner or Boundary counties of northern Idaho, shot within four weeks of submission.  We want to keep photos as relevant to the current month and season as possible.

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Please note that photos of pets or family members aren’t good candidates, unless the photo has an unusual composition, or the subject is engaged in activities that provide that “snapshot of life around here.”

A few notes before you submit:

  • Sandpoint Online and Sandpoint in Pictures are published by Keokee Co. Publishing, Inc. By submitting  you agree to the conditions below.
  • Upload your photo in JPEG format only, please, with a minimum width of 1200px and a maximum file size of 2 MB.
  • Include 30-50 words or so of the “story” of your photo: When (exact date) and where it was taken, why the scene or event caught your eye, and any relevant bits of information that might be of interest to viewers.
  • You must provide your name, phone number and e-mail reply-to address. These are not included on the public page.
  • Photographers are also welcome to include a blurb on their camera set-up and type of camera and lens used.

Submission form

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Send us your great Sandpoint photos. We'll review them and post the best ones we receive each month.
  • Let us know where you live most of the time.
  • Upload a jpeg (.jpg, .jpeg) format image which is at least 1200px wide and whose file size is less than 2MB
  • Make sure to give your photo a snappy title!
  • Enter the date when you took this photo.
  • Give a brief description (500 characters or less) of your photo -- the backstory, when you took it, etc.

Submission Conditions

By submitting your photo for Sandpoint in Pictures you agree to these conditions:

  • Because all photos submitted to Sandpoint Online are protected by copyright law, we can only use photos submitted by the actual copyright holder — that is, the photographer who took it — or by his or her authorized agent. When you submit a photo for Sandpoint in Pictures, you warrant that you are authorized to do so.
  • By submitting your photo you agree to its publication on, the Sandpoint Online Facebook page, or other Sandpoint or North Idaho websites produced by Keokee Co. Publishing, Inc., for its proprietary use or for use of its clients. Each photographer will continue to own all rights to his or her photo, and may use the photo in any other publication or website, but by submitting it for use in Sandpoint in Pictures you agree to provide Keokee Co. Publishing, Inc., a license for use on its websites indefinitely.
  • Keokee Co. Publishing, Inc., also publishes Sandpoint Magazine, regional books under the Keokee Books imprint, and other print publications. Keokee frequently uses photos in those publications. If you submit a photo that we at any time want to use in print publications, we pay $10 to $150 for use in our print publications.